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With his wife’s disappearance having become the focus of an intense media circus, a man sees the spotlight turned on him when it’s suspected that he may not be innocent.


Game of Thrones Review:

Years before I became a fan of the movie, game of thrones, I abhorred being among people who expatiate about the movie; because, I wasn’t a movie freak and what made it worse was the fact that the TV show had an archaic setting. Therefore, increasing my distaste for it. Taking a look at my present state, after falling in love with this movie series, I’m pondering about life and its constituents such as love, betrayal, power and wealth; the innocent gets the reward of the wicked and vice versa.  I could only help but wonder, “where is the justice here?”. Get ready to blow your mind away with these questions in this thrilling, intoxicating, medieval epic fantasy series by George R.R Martin caked “Game of Thrones”.


Game of thrones is so far the best epic movie I have watched. There are seven kingdoms under one king, leading to clash of powers to seize and sit on the throne. The energy in this movie is so electrifying that it leaves you wanting for more. What is fascinating about this series is that you can’t stick to an actor or actress because, without a single hint, they are eliminated from the game! You have to play your card well or it is game over. This series shows that true power doesn’t lie in the crown; but in strategies and having men who are loyal to you.


The suspense in this series is just too exasperating, you might want to browse the website for spoilers; but then, you will be cheating in the game! The four main kingdoms are the house of Starks, represented with a wolf sigil, known for their loyalty, soft heart and also, how they travel in perks at midnight. The house Targaryen has a sigil of dragons, they are dragon lords, rulers of dragons who also posses’ its nature in their blood. They are the rightful holders of the seven kingdoms before they were conquered by King Robert Baratheon.

The dramatic people;

The Baratheon clans has a sigil of the deer, which is literally by far the most hunted animal in the forest. After the death of king Robert Baratheon, his son,Geoffrey took over the crown. Unfortunately, unknowing to the kingdom, Geoffrey is a full blooded Lannister, because King Roberts wife, Cersi Lannister, has a secret affair with her brother, Jaime Lannister, A.K.A, the king slayer. Meanwhile, the Lannisters are the richest, influential and most powerful people among the kingdoms; they are literally the wicked unjust ones that play the game well, as a result, they unfairly get away with their crimes almost throughout the series. They are known for their lion sigil and the saying ‘Lannister always pay their debts’.


This movie series is an epitome of high fantasy that seems real. I appreciate the fact that it is based on a novel; the movie gives you a more vivid picture of the novel.  Although this is a story that one could only imagine, you could get lost in the moment and actually forget it is totally based on imaginations. In fact, if you have watched lord of the rings, it is nothing compared to game of thrones in terms of a realistic fantasy; because, lord of the rings takes you to a completely new world of its own, where you get bored knowing it’s so unrealistic; but game of thrones is an imaginative movie which would leave you still in this world, smiling and soliloquizing the words: “let the games begin!”.


Sword and sorcery is a major constituent of an awesome epic fantasy movie. This is clearly depicted in game of thrones. Ranging from the white walkers beyond the wall who are literally zombies, powerful enough to win a war, the red hair witch who worships the god of fire; sacrificing innocent people by burning them, the different gods that gives magical powers, and lastly, dragons who spit out fire. With battles here and there, powers striving to sit on the iron throne (the throne of the seven kingdoms), this series practically sums up an amazing epic fantasy genre.


Comparing the novel to the movie, there’s an intense character development, the characters perfectly satisfy your imagination when reading the novel. The wardrobe, accents, looks and dialogues all fits into the novel and gives you that thrill that heightens the moment when you were reading a particular scene from the novel; to see it in a movie is just so mesmerizing.


The atmosphere has a perfect representation of a stone aged scenery. At times, I feel the movie was shot in the days Before Christ. The building and horizons doesn’t fit into this century, but yet, it is presented in a way that that makes the movie more interesting, leaving you wishing you were in the movie. The castle buildings and dragons alone depicts a medieval period. I’ll have to give credit to the movie team members for shooting the movie in such an amazing atmosphere.


There’s nothing as intriguing as an epic fantasy movie full of suspense; it makes you crave for more and brainstorm for what’s coming next, and in the blink of an eye, the unexpected happens. This is the case of Game of thrones. You cry, curse, laugh, and watch with your mouth wide open! The funny part about Game of thrones is that life goes on. Important people die and the game continues, so you can’t remain sad or put so much hope in a certain character because at the end of the day, that’s just the beauty of the game.


When I started watching game of thrones, I told my sister of how addictive it was and she said game of thrones isn’t just addictive, game of thrones itself is a lifestyle. Looking back at the days I spoke against this movie series, I wish I had watched it before criticizing it because game of thrones is completely mind blowing. However, I distaste the marriage that goes on between really young female characters and old men, also, the illicit scenes which I would definitely not recommend for children. Game of thrones is a must watch for matured minds. I will recommend reading the novel before watching the movie series, so you could fantasize about it and then feel the gaps of your imagination when watching the movie.


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